Robin Methlie Gitar

Robin Methlie is a Norwegian jazz and fingerstyle guitarist living in Stavanger. His music has references to both jazz, classical and Brazilian music and can be characterized as melodic, playful and poetic. He is the owner of the youtube channel “Jazz Guitar Practice” where he does transcriptions of famous pieces of music by for example Charlie Parker and Bach.

Robin started to play the guitar at the age of 13. After one year studying music at Toneheim College and another year at the Arvika College of Music, he went to Stavanger and began his professional career as a musician. Here he also got his bachelor and masters degree in jazz performance from the University of Stavanger. He has been taking lessons from Lage Lund, John Stowell, Mike Moreno, Gilad Hekselman, Hans Mathisen, Ian Melrose, Nelson Faria and others.